Tube Synthesizer

The first Russian duophonic synthesizer based on vacuum and gas-filled radio tubes.

Apparatus is the first Russian duophonic synthesizer. The audio path of the instrument, completely created on the basis of vacuum and gas-filled radio tubes using circuitry solutions in the spirit of the first half of the 20th century, is controlled by a modern powerful processor based on the ARM core, which ensures stability of characteristics and instant response to the artist's manipulations. All synthesizers are hand-assembled and produced in a limited edition.


  • kenoton rectifier power supply

  • audio path based entirely on radio tubes

  • two independent thyratron oscillators with quartz frequency stabilization, which ensures frequency accuracy throughout the entire operating range

  • voltage-controlled second order vactrol filter with the possibility of self-oscillation and overdrive

  • voltage-controlled amplifier, based on the traditional schematic of tube opto compressors

  • triode asymmetric overdrive

  • analogue VU meter

  • filter cutoff frequency control by analog pedal

  • CV inputs to control the filter cutoff frequency and amplifier amplitude
  • External Input for signal processing from external audio devices

  • velocity-sensitive ADSR envelope generator with two trigger modes

  • Clock synchronizable low-frequency oscillator with retrigger option and smooth waveform morphing: saw-triangle-reverse saw in triangle mode or pulse width modulation in square wave mode, sample & hold

  • auto and continuous modes of portamento / legato

  • monophonic and duophonic mode

  • responds to Control Changes Pitch Bend, Mod Wheel, Velocity

  • Channel switching with the Learn button

  • galvanic isolated PC connection port

  • powerful headphone amplifier, compatible with low impedance load


  • Tubes are removed during transportation

  • The kit includes a set of spare tubes (one tube of each type)
  • You can order the new tubes from us

  • Does not require an external driver for Windows or Mac OS

How does APPARATUS Tube Synthesizer sound?

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